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API Widgets
10 July 2023

Multiple data sources

Zing now supports more data sources than just payroll providers. You can access financial data of your users from their payroll platforms, bank accounts, wallets, investment apps and even crypto accounts. We're working on adding providers for all data sources starting with bank accounts and payroll.

New providers


Workpay is a popular payroll platform that allows businesses in Africa pay their employees. Your users can seamlessly share access to their income and employment data by linking with their Workpay accounts.


One of the first bank providers we added is OPay. Users can link their OPay accounts and allow you fetch data on their transactions and entire account.

Access Bank

We've also added support for Access Bank as well.

This brings the total number of supported providers on Zing to 5.

New Widget Look

The look and flow of the widget has been updated. You can see all providers at a glance, categorized by type. We're also working on adding manual connection methods for your users who prefer not to link their accounts directly on the widget.

You can also easily test on the demo widget by copying and pasting the test credentials directly on the widget.

Banks statement extractor

We understand that from time to time, there are users who would still choose to submit their bank statements instead of linking their accounts on the widget which is why we've created a tool to help make that process easier for you. Your customers can now submit their pdf statements, we'll extract all their data and have the JSON output presented to you in less than 5 minutes.

This is still in beta so we're offering you first 500 pages free. Let us know if you would like access. You can also check out the documentation here and let us know if you have any feedback.

New endpoints

There are now additional endpoints to cater for bank connections. You can find a list of all endpoints on our API Reference.